Sunday, September 11, 2011

10th Anniversary Of The Horrible 9/11 Terror Attacks

Today is the the 10th anniversary of the horrible 9/11 terror attacks on our nation. Sadly, the actions we are taking show that we have not learned the lessons from that awful day. Rather than falling on our faces and turning to God, we have banned religious speakers from the observance ceremony in New York. It is only God’s hand of protection that can guard us against the demonic forces bent on destroying our nation. Now more than ever, we need His help…and yet we seem more intent than ever in turning our backs on Him. Nowhere can this be more clearly seen than in our changing position toward the nation of Israel. Today our leaders are placing our nation in a position that cannot possibly be blessed by God.

Every child of God must fight this battle in prayer. This is a spirit battle led by Satan himself…please join me right now in binding that spirit in the name of JESUS…and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  You post your prayers in Jerusalem Prayer Team prayer wall.

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