Friday, June 29, 2012

The Jerusalem Prayer Team World Headquarters

Over the years, I’ve been asked the same question repeatedly: Who inspired you to do what you do? Why have you gone to 41 war zones and worked as an ambassador for 40 years to Jerusalem?

The most obvious answer to that question: The Lord, who appeared to me at the age of eleven after I had been strangled and left for dead by my own father. There are also four more people who have inspired me. They are my darling wife, Carolyn, who was the first person on earth ever to believe in me and still does. (She says my life is the greatest evidence of Christ that she knows.) Following her are Corrie ten Boom, Prime Minister Menachem Begin, and YOU, my partner. (You are part of my FAMILY!)

In 1988 I purchased and restored the home and clock shop that had belonged to Corrie ten Boom’s family with the help of my ministry partners. It has been open since that time at no cost to the visitor. No one in the organization has ever received a penny in compensation for their assistance with the work. I’ve even paid my own expenses—hotels and flights to Ha’arlem, Holland. It’s the least I can do, since the ten Boom family saved 800 Jewish lives and sacrificed their own to do it.

It was this inspiration that gave me the vision of creating a museum in Jerusalem. I wanted to tell the story of Corrie’s family, which is virtually unknown to the Jewish people in Israel. Then I realized there were hundreds of other amazing stories that also needed to be told.

I have dedicated my life to telling the story and to encouraging the people of Israel. I recently spearheaded the establishment of the Mike Evans Museum in Jerusalem, officially called the Friends of Zion Heritage Center.  The Museum is yet another way of communicating that story that so many so-called Christians have tarnished, so much so that the Jewish people – God’s chosen – have been unable to comprehend.

The Friends of Zion Heritage Center is unique, simply based on the use of 21st century technologies that make it a museum of experience that takes visitors well beyond the ordinary and expected. It is a place where this love story is unfolded for all to acknowledge and receive. Not a typical museum, it highlights among other things: cutting-edge technology, Heroes of Israel, Righteous Gentiles.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Bridge Builder

by Daniel K. Eisenbud at the Jerusalem Post

Over 30 years ago, Dr. Mike Evans – a devout American-Christian Zionist leader, multiple New York Times best-selling author and renowned Middle East expert – struck an unlikely yet powerful and enduring friendship with then-prime minister Menachem Begin. That friendship transformed the relationship between Evangelical Christians and the State of Israel forever.

“He asked me why I came to Israel,” Evans says of his first meeting with Begin in 1979. “At first I couldn’t answer him. A couple days later, I knew the answer.

“I made a call to Reuben Hecht to ask if I could meet with Begin again the next day because I knew why I came. Begin took the meeting, and this time when he asked me, ‘Why did you come?’ I said, ‘To build a bridge.’” He says Begin initially laughed, saying sarcastically, “You want to build the Brooklyn Bridge?” Evans replied, “No, to build a bridge between Christian Zionists who believe in the Bible and the Jewish people. A bridge of light.

“Lovely,” Begin said. “I get it. Let’s build a bridge together.”

To read the balance of this article, go here.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kassam Rocket from Gaza Explodes Near an Israeli Border

A Kassam rocket fired from Gaza exploded near an Israeli border police station yesterday, injuring four officers based there. The intensity and pace of rocket attacks over the past few days has dramatically increased. In fact, more than 70 such attacks happened in just 48 hours. The poor Jewish people living near the southern border have been forced into their bomb shelters again and again.

I have visited those tiny cramped houses that are all these people can afford. Many of them fled from Russia to escape the ongoing persecution there with little more than what they wore and perhaps a single suitcase. They live where they do because they cannot afford housing anywhere else. I am outraged that the world ignores the ongoing and increasing attacks these precious people face day after day. But the failure of the world does not mean that you and I cannot do everything we can to minister to the poor of Israel and support and defend them from their enemies. 

Russian Navy Dispatches Three Ships from Naval Base in Syria

In yet another disturbing development in the ongoing Syrian crisis, the Russian navy has dispatched at least three ships to their naval base in Tartus, Syria. Russia has a long history of supplying arms, equipment, training and even personnel to support the Syrian regime. They are doing everything possible to prop up this brutal dictatorship during the ongoing bloody civil war despite the rising death toll.

As I read this story this morning, my mind went back to the story of Elisha found in 2 Kings, chapter 6. Bands of Syrian soldiers were sent to take the prophet captive. Elisha prayed, and God blinded the eyes of the enemy and delivered His people. Elisha had great power in his praying, and you and I have great power as we pray together as part of the Jerusalem Prayer Team. Remember that no battle can be won in the physical realm until it is first fought and won in the spiritual realm.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I never thought I would say thank you to Madonna but I am and you should also..

Dear Madonna ..

Thank you for opening your world tour in Israel. When entertainers globally are boycotting Israel it takes a lot of courage to begin your world tour there. Thank you also for inviting an Israeli artist to perform with you in Turkey. When Turkey has been very cold toward Israeli, it takes a lot of courage to invite an Israeli musician to be your warmup act. I may not like your music or your morals but I sure do like your support for the nation of Israel!

A week after launching her latest world tour in Tel Aviv, Madonna has enlisted the show’s Israeli warmup act to open her concert in Turkey.

The kabbala-loving “Girl Gone Wild” reached out to DJ Offer Nissim late on Wednesday night, asking the Tel Aviv-based performer to open her Thursday show in Istanbul. Despite the last-minute notice, the Israeli DJ accepted the offer, and is set to kick off the singer’s concert at the Turk Telecom Arena.

The high-profile invitation is the latest coup for Nissim, a veteran of Tel Aviv’s club scene who’s also managed to build a fan base overseas. The DJ has remixed songs by singers including Beyonce and Christina Aguilera, as well as by Madonna herself.

In her concert in Israel, Madonna told fans about her desire for peace in the Middle East, saying it’s not possible to enjoy her music without also wanting an end to violence. Keen observers may have noticed that Turkey and Israel haven’t enjoyed particularly warm relations in recent years, so it’s nice the singer’s doing her part to promote a bit of cultural exchange.

This week in Istanbul, Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan opened a World Economic Forum summit with a speech in which he accused the Jewish state of “killing innocent people, children, babies, women and the elderly in masses” by bombardments and by keeping people “in the largest open-air prison in the world,” referring to the Israeli blockade of Gaza.


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