Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Could Iran Buy Nukes From ... North Korea?

 I have just received what is frankly a terrifying update on the Iranian nuclear threat to Israel, and I had to share it with you immediately as a matter of urgent prayer.

The Obama Administration has been pushing the notion that there is still plenty of time to stop Iran from building a nuclear weapon. This was the focus of much of the president’s meeting with my dear friend Prime Minister Netanyahu on Mr. Obama’s visit to Israel.

However, there is another Iranian nuclear option that could give the mullahs of Tehran atomic weapons not in months or years, but in just a few hours!

Most of Iran’s missile technology is based on the work done by China and North Korea. With the escalating crisis in Korea and the world boycott, a few analysts are studying the possibility of Iran buying already completed nuclear weapons from North Korea that would fit on Iran’s existing missiles and be ready for use immediately.

It is impossible to overstate how serious this threat is. When North Korea successfully conducted its third nuclear test a few weeks ago, top Iranian nuclear scientists were present as observers.

Iran has billions in oil wealth, and North Korea desperately needs the money to feed its starving people and build up its military forces.

The warheads could be placed on a cargo plane and flown to Iran in a matter of hours. Once there, they could quickly be assembled and Iran would have ready-to-use nuclear weapons. This is a match made in hell, and it poses a danger to Israel that is being completely overlooked by most of the world.

Today I am asking you to pray urgently and fervently for the peace of Jerusalem and the protection of Israel. The world may be complacent about this danger, but we cannot afford to be.

Visit the Jerusalem Prayer Team Prayer Wall to pray for peace of Jerusalem.

And I am asking for your generous financial help to support the Jerusalem Prayer Team as we stand with the nation of Israel and the Jewish people.

We are working on the creation of the Righteous Gentiles Heritage Center, and it is a massive undertaking. The amount of computer programming and production work required to make this an interactive, life-changing experience rather than just another museum is staggering. We are working with one the leading high-tech companies in the entire world that specializes in creating this kind of dynamic exhibition.

But this investment is worth making because of the importance of sharing the message of Christian love with the Jewish people. It is a tragedy that while we as Believers have been thrilled to hear these stories, almost no one in the nation of Israel knows them. As a result of the long history of persecution and murder carried out by people who claimed to be acting in the name of Christ, the Jewish people often think of Christianity as a religion that is hostile to their people.

While you and I know this is not an expression of true Christianity, this reality is not one we can avoid.

We must bring a new message—and we have a wonderful message to share with God’s Chosen People. Through the centuries, Believers have done so much; we simply must tell these stories. That is why the Righteous Gentiles Heritage Center museum is so important in the Jerusalem world Center in the heart of the Holy City.

When you step forward to help us make this dream a reality, we have several very special ways to express our appreciation.

Dr. Mike Evans

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