Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Their tears of joy are because of you!

Dear Friend,

At 10:00 a.m. your Jerusalem World Center was jam-packed with poor forgotten elderly Holocaust survivors. Your heart of love and the generous gifts of so many Jerusalem Prayer Team members provided the resources for us to host this amazing Hanukkah party for them. We provided a wonderful feast for these dear people, and they left with gifts of money to buy food, medicine, warm clothing, and other urgent necessities

Heaven thanks you today. The tears of joy that I saw in the eyes of so many were there because of you! You have done something that touches the heart of God and blessed what He wishes to bless, and I know that He will bless you today.

The Holy City is in the midst of celebrating Hanukkah this week. I am here to fast and pray for a miracle provision from God so that we can complete the purchase of the Jerusalem World Center. I urgently need your help right now to make the final payment on this amazing facility.

This beautiful building will be the largest property in the nation of Israel to be owned by US Bible-believers. It will be the first Christian museum in the nation to tell the story of Christian love, such as that of Corrie ten Boom's family in Haarlem, Holland. Their home was purchased in 1987 and restored in 1988 and is open today because of the Jerusalem Prayer Team and friends like you. I serve as chairman of the board.

In addition, this wonderful building in Jerusalem will be the headquarters for the Jerusalem Prayer Team worldwide. It will provide round-the-clock prayer for Jerusalem and the Jewish people in fulfillment of prophecy, and it will be the address for compassionate Christians who are reaching out to serve poor Jewish souls.

“I will bless those who bless thee...” (Genesis 12:3).

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper that love thee” (Psalm 122:6).

You and I are part of something that has eternal significance in the city on which the spotlight of Heaven shines. Heaven and earth met in Jerusalem and will meet again. Everything began prophetically and will end in the only city in the world in which God wrote His name.

A dear friend has stepped forward to match your gift today. In other words, if you give $77,777.77, it will be doubled to $155,555.54. Or if you give $777.77, it will be doubled to $1,555.54. If you give $77.77, it will be doubled to $155.54. This is a huge answer to prayer! Please know that whatever you can give will also be doubled in Heaven in your Kingdom account.

Thus far 230 people have given $27,835. Those gifts will be matched 100% so now we have $55,670. We still need to raise $361,053.50 which will be matched to make $722,107. Please pray with me right now for supernatural favor that this need will be met.

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