Tuesday, July 24, 2012

One Man’s Stand for Israel is Worthy of Olympic Gold

With the 2012 London Olympic Games only a few days away and the IOC staunchly resisting honoring the eleven Israeli athletes whose lives were taken in a terrorist attack at the 1972 Munich Games, one man, whose influence in sports is great and whose voice will be heard by millions, will lead the world in a salute to those young men.
Bob Costas, the NBC sports anchor for the Olympics, has demonstrated the courage of Daniel by refusing to bow to the IOC’s self-idolatry of its own image.  While the IOC will smugly watch the opening ceremonies as a tribute to their self-aggrandizement, completing ignoring the historical, international, humanitarian, and personal importance of the day that “was the end of innocence in sports,” Costas has declared that he will do what the committee will not.
With an estimated 35 million or more Americans watching, Bob Costas will host a moment of silence as this game’s contingent of Israeli athletes enters the stadium.  But his act will be even more courageous than that.  Not only will he honor the fallen athletes, he has said that, “I intend to note that the IOC denied the request,” and that “many people find that denial more than puzzling, but insensitive.”
The IOC could easily change its mind, but it won’t.  Ankie Rekhess-Spitzer has pled with the IOC for years to have an official commemoration of the tragic event.  The IOC has told her that they would not do so because it would offend the Arabs delegation which has threatened to get up and leave should even a moment of silence be held.  Mrs. Rekhess-Sptizer is the widow of the Israeli fencing coach who was killed in 1972.
When one man takes a stand, others often follow.  This is a time for Christians and Jews to stand up and be counted.  This is an opportunity for Christians and Jews do more than have a moment of silence.  This is an open invitation for Christians and Jews to not only honor those fallen men with our silence, but with our prayers for the protection of this year’s athletes and for the nation of Israel.  And it wouldn’t hurt to thank the Lord for Bob Costas and his courage to take a stand.

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