Monday, September 19, 2011

Palestinians to push for full statehood?

I am here in New York City as your ambassador to defend Israel. The only real hope Israel has is found in God. We must stand with the Chosen People now more urgently than ever. I appreciate your prayers and financial support so much. Prophecy and politics are clashing before our eyes, and we must not fail to stand with the Jewish state right now.

I have a major meeting with a high-ranking diplomat tomorrow night. Please pray—I cannot say more right now. Many have asked if we have the funds for the New York Times ad. We do not as yet, but if every Jerusalem Prayer Team member will help, we can place it so every world leader will see it.

Rumors are racing through the streets of New York City regarding what the Palestinians will do this week. The latest reports are that they will go ahead and seek full statehood, daring the United States to veto the resolution. The Arab League nations are pushing hard—using their billions of oil dollars to bribe and threaten other nations to support full statehood. Russia and China have already announced that they will support the plan, and it remains to be seen if the US would uphold the pledge to use a Security Council veto to block it.

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