Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Answering the Wake Up Call from Hell

by Dr. Michael D. Evans

A war of Biblical proportions is being fought in Washington DC. The Quartet (Russia, the EU, the UN and the US), along with representatives from China and the Arab League, were invited to dinner by President Obama this week to unite behind his plan to divide Jerusalem and take all lands from Israel gained in the 1967 war. This is a battle between Politics and Prophecy.

The next move will be in a few days when the UN meets in preparation for the official proclamation of Palestinian Statehood in September at the UN General Assembly in New York. In 1973, the new-found Communist/Muslim voting bloc spearheaded the passing of a UN resolution that officially stated "Zionism is a form of racism." Yes, Zionism! The movement trying to find ways to protect Jews FROM racism was redefined AS racism. It's the equivalent of saying the civil rights movement was racism and Martin Luther King was a racist.

This voting bloc is the reason resolution, after resolution, after resolution against Israel from 1973 until this day have easily passed through the UN. But today, this movement has a new tool for attacking Israel as the cause of all of our problems. The UN's Review Conference on Racism (Durban III) will be held in NY at the UN the same week the world attempts to rip Israel apart.

This conference is charged with finding the real root of racism — yet at the last conference in Geneva (Durban II), keynote speaker and best friend of human rights, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the same world leader who openly called for Israel's annihilation — revealed that Zionism is not only racist, but in fact the true ROOT of racism throughout the world. What has history taught us about what tends to happen when one ethnic group is believed to be the hidden root of all of the world's problems? -- the Holocaust.

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