Saturday, January 8, 2011

Terrorist Rocket Injures Girl at Israeli Kindergarten in Ashkelon

A Grad rocket launched from Gaza struck close to an Israeli kindergarten yesterday morning just as the children were arriving for school. At least one young girl was injured in the terrorist attack.

Aviva Fold, an official with the Ashkelon schools said, "The children were arriving at school this morning, at quarter to eight, when the siren blared. There was a code-red warning, and everyone panicked and rushed for the safety of the bomb shelters."

It is more urgent than ever before that we step up our efforts to protect the men, women, and children of Israel from these attacks. The demonically-inspired terrorists who are lashing out at the Chosen People in their fury and rage will never rest as long as Israel endures. They will continue to do everything in their power to kill as many Jews as they can unless and until they are stopped. They have no desire for peace.

At the same time terrorists continue their evil attacks against innocent men, women, and children, President Obama is using our tax dollars to support his plan against Israel and for the Palestinians—the same terrorists who have launched more than 200 rockets and missiles against Israel this year. Mr. Obama and the State Department believe they can destroy the government of Prime Minister Netanyahu so that a liberal government will replace it and accept the deal to give up land promised to Israel forever by God to create a Palestinian state. If this tragic plan to curse Israel succeeds, every nation that supports it will be cursed by Almighty God.

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