Sunday, December 9, 2012

Living Fear Free by Mike Evans.

So many Believers are too intimidated to show their true emotions for fear of condemnation. The hurt, guilt and shame are too real, which causes people to run from their pain. God does not want you to live as a captive to fear and rejection! There is a remedy.

Today’s average Americans find themselves overwhelmed and anxious in a world of economic and political uncertainty.   With a collapsed economy, corporate banks that are going bankrupt, a mortgage meltdown, a housing crash, Wall Street and auto industry bailouts, high unemployment, and a deflated dollar, many wonder where our nation is headed. Every day, we see global media outlets unveiling the turbulence in the Middle East. Conflicts with Israel and her neighboring enemies, riots in Syria, and a clash over the Suez Canal are causing oil prices to skyrocket.  We see those things, not to mention international trepidation because Iran is intent on manufacturing a nuclear weapon. Nations, fearing a potential World War III, are stricken with apprehension. 

In these days of constant threats and troubles, God wants His children to live in perfect peace—and I want to show you how you can know that peace without fear.  Click here to get this newly-revised and updated book, Living Fear Free by Mike Evans.

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