Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Pack of Matches and a Pack of Lies

There are 5 million Jews living in Israel.  The entire population of Israel is a mere 62% of the population of New York. That’s New York City.

The Arab population in the Middle East is 500 million. That is 60% more people than the population of the entire United States.

Five million people surround by 50 million people. As Larry Miller describes it, the Arab world is like a football field and Israel is like a pack of matches in the middle. Do you have the picture? Let’s add some meaning to it. The Arab people are trying to convince the world that, if Israel would give them just one half of the pack of matches, everything will be hunky-dory and everyone will be friends. Despite the fact that Iranian President Ahmadinejad wants to wipe Israel off the map, and despite the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas want to drive Israel into the sea, the world appears to be buying into the Arab-Islamic propaganda.

“Give us half the pack of matches and we’ll be your Best Friends Forever.” How blind are these people? Or is it that the lie is so absurd that they think it must be true.

The rise of the Palestinian Authority under the control of Mahmoud Abbas has made the West Bank and Gaza a political pawn for the Islamic Arabs to use to drive Israel out of the region. They are using them as a half a pack of match’s worth of peace promises that are contrary to everything they believe and desire.

The Hamas Charter of 1988 cites that it is a derivative of the Muslim Brotherhood and says that “There is no solution for the Palestinian except through Jihad,” and “Jerusalem will exist and continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it.”

The Muslim Brotherhood is spending a great deal of time and effort trying to portray itself as paternalistic and peaceful.  It recently submitted a new Charter of Conduct for the MB in Europe. In order to defend Islam from charges that it is inherently violent & terroristic, the Brotherhood deceives the public about the nature of Jihad. This is necessary . . . if the connection between Islam and violence is to be denied, Jihad must be explained away. The Brotherhood defends Jihad. It does so usually in one of two ways, sometimes employing both deceptions. First, the Brotherhood claims that Jihad has little or no connection to violence and warfare and is instead akin to various forms of inner struggle or self-improvement. Second, the Brotherhood suggests that Jihad is a form of “freedom fighting”, even comparing Jihad to the American Revolution.”

Does it take an illustration of a pack of matches to expose the pack of lies of the Arab Muslim nations is handing out to the world? Reasoning doesn’t seem to work. Or will it take the Lord God Almighty destroying the 500 million attacking His five million. Israel has faced these odds before – many times. And the Lord Mighty in Battle has won the victory and brought glory to His name. Pray with us that He will not bring embarrassment upon His children or upon Himself, but that he will defend them by the word of His mouth. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. (Psalm 122:6)

Source information for this story may be found at the Global MB Report and Target of Opportunity

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