Thursday, August 9, 2012

Iran Says Alliance with Syria is “Unbreakable”

My Scripture for you today: “For You, LORD, have made me glad through Your work; I will triumph in the works of Your hands” (Psalm 92:4).

Dear JPT Member,

Iran says alliance with Syria is “unbreakable”

Syria’s besieged dictator Bashar Assad appeared in public for the first time in weeks as he met with Iran’s National Security Council head Saeed Jalili. Jalili proclaimed that the alliance between the two nations was “unbreakable.” Iranian troops are known to be operating inside Syria in defense of the government. Several dozen “volunteers” were captured a few days ago by forces fighting against the government. And the government of Turkey has blamed Iranian agents for much of the bloodshed in Syria.

It is impossible to overstate how grave the threat would be to Israel and the Jewish people if the Assad regime were to disintegrate. Iranian operatives have free reign to make plans for attacks across the Syrian border into Israel. Hezbollah is working to gain control of the massive chemical and biological weapons held by the government. And while Assad is no friend to Israel, what follows his fall might well be even worse.
I have stood many times in the north of Israel along the Golan Heights. There the enemies of Israel have launched attacks again and again on the Jewish people. My information from Israel is that the Israeli Defense Forces stationed in the northern part of the country are on the very highest alert because of the great danger.
My heart is breaking because I know the toll the constant threat of danger takes on the people of Israel. So many times I have gone there as your ambassador to bring comfort and help to God’s Chosen People. Today I am asking for your help again so that we can meet the urgent needs of the poor of the house of Israel. Hunger is stalking the land—especially among the children. About one third of Israeli children are below the poverty line and many struggle to find enough food to eat.

I know what it’s like to go to bed hungry and wish that someone cared. Will you show your love for God by helping these little ones today? Your support will help the Jerusalem Prayer Team show a testimony of salt and light to the Jewish people in this hour of great need.

Your support of the Jerusalem Prayer Team is vital as we work to gather believers from around the world to join us in prayer for the peace of Jerusalem and the protection of Israel…and as we work to meet the urgent needs of the poor of Israel. The Bible promises that when we give to the poor we are lending to the Lord—a debt that He will certainly repay. Please be as generous as you can when you give today.

Barukh atah Adonai eloheinu melekh ha-olam, ozier Yisrael bigvurah.
Blessed art thou, Lord our God, King of the universe, who girds Israel with might.

Your ambassador to Jerusalem,

Dr. Mike Evans

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