Saturday, August 4, 2012

Egypt's Mursi Speaks of Peace - On Islamic Terms

“Peaceful statements released from Egypt over the next few years should not deceive observers into believing that the (Muslim) Brotherhood has abandoned its religious ideology and its comprehensive Islamic vision.  Talking peace, while preparing for  Jihad, is an integral part of Jihad.”

This startling statement made Itamar Marcus and Jacques Ziberdik of the Palestinian Media Watch should be read by every non-Islamic person in the world.  Defining for us what the terrorist organization The Muslim Brotherhood means when they speak of ‘peace’ should shake us to our very core as we have a clear understanding that they are not saying the same thing that most of us are.

As Marcus and Ziberdik pointed out this week, the peace talk that the Muslim Brotherhood uses is very narrowly defined.  This is increasingly important as Egypt’s new president, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, says “we carry a message of peace to the world.”  It also applies when members of the Muslim Brotherhood are invited by our own president to meetings at our White House.  It may even apply to members of the Brotherhood or relatives of members of the Brotherhood who are working in the current administration.

The Muslim meaning of peace is interpreted by the former president of the Brotherhood, Mustafa Mashhur, in his book Jihad is the Way.  The title alone ought to provide a foreshadowing of what is to come.

The book is an attack on Israel and the Jews, saying that the problem of Israel occupying “stolen land” is not a starting point for negotiations.  That they must leave is considered non-negotiable.  Mashhur clarified for the Brotherhood that the problem of Israel “can be resolved neither by negotiation nor by recognizing the enemy’s right to the Islamic land he stole.”

The principle that Mursi and the Brotherhood espouse as ‘peace’ is known as ‘sabr’ or a kind of patient resolve.  It is taught as a part of the theology of jihad which says that it is important to patiently plan and quietly await the best possible timing for the final and actual acts of ruthless destruction of Islam’s enemies.  “It is not necessary for the Muslims to repel every attack or damage caused by the enemies of Allah immediately, rather when ability and the circumstances allow for it.”

So, Mursi does not really abandon his extremist beliefs when he speaks of peace.  He is merely embracing sabr.  He is talking about waiting for the right time.  He is talking about stabilizing the Egyptian government and economy until the country is in a position to defeat Israel without fear of losing.

Satan’s chief tactic is always deception.  The Islamist extremists know that we will not understand their pronouncements of peace.  We cannot afford to be ignorant.  We most certainly cannot afford for our leaders to be ignorant.  Tell your friends about this article.  Post it on Facebook.  And pray that we will be able to discern what is really being said, being planned, and being done.  And pray for the lasting peace of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.

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