Friday, March 2, 2012

We Are More Than Conquerors In Christ

If we want something we’ve never had, we’ll have to do something we’ve never done. Sadly, in the last decade, more Christians have left God than have come to Him. More books have been written about marriage than in all of Church history, yet we’re seeing the highest rate of divorce ever. This is because we’re propagating the falsehood that we can live a Christian life. The Christian life is not simply too hard to live in our flesh. In fact, it is impossible.

It’s time to expose this lie! Christians are backsliding because they have been deceived. We try to overcome sin in our own flesh, but the more we attempt to fight the hordes of hell in our own strength, the more worried and discouraged we become. When we make up our minds not to allow flesh to control our lives, we will be delivered from struggles, worries and fears, and we will go beyond anything we have ever imagined, as we enter into the greatest move of the Holy Spirit the world has ever seen. “Flesh,” no matter how good or sincere, can never break the chains of sin’s power.

When we attempt to live the Christian life through our own power, no matter how sincere we may be, we are as dry as desert sand. It is not about our stuff — our job, education, gifts, power, personality and intelligence. It is always about His stuff — His kingdom, power, joy, grace and peace. Any believer who thinks they can overcome the unprecedented societal pollution, filth, seduction and “plague” of demonic temptations on television and the airwaves in their own strength, is deceived.

We can cry a river of tears, pray with all our hearts and be sincerely in love with Jesus, but be absolutely bound. We ultimately surrender to a compromised Christianity. Believing we can never be free from the power of sin, we resign ourselves to struggle for the rest of our lives, sinning then repenting, sinning then repenting, and never becoming “more than a conqueror” in Christ Jesus.


The American dream is turning into a nightmare right before our eyes, blinding many to the converging prophetic storms gathering before us. People, including many Christians, have grown dull of hearing. As Solomon warned us in Proverbs, now more than ever, “the complacency of fools shall destroy them” (Proverbs 1:32). Read my newest book, The Final Generation.

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