Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Samson Option by Mike Evans

Under other circumstances, Karim Atef   would  have spent his career teaching physics in America  at a prestigious  university like MIT or Stanford. Instead, after completing his education he returned to Iran, where he became the father of Iran’s indigenous missile pro- gram. An ardent follower of Shi’a  Islam, he was singularly focused on Jihad against infidels that threatened the spread of the faith, once even beating his cousin to death for converting to Christianity. He demanded complete devotion for himself and had little patience for those who did not display the same.

“We cannot just sit here waiting. Send them away. All of them,” Atef gestured to the others in the tent. “We do not need them. Send  them now. You do not need them to launch the missile. Send  them now.”

Hamid glanced down at his feet as if contemplating the request. It made sense. The  men sitting around the table beneath the tent rep-  resented the heart and soul of Iran’s technological community. They were essential to Iran’s continuing effort to achieve a viable defense system. And they should have been gone from the compound long before now. Once again, Hamid excoriated himself for not thinking of it. “Yes.” He lifted his head and nodded. “You are right. Tell them to go.”

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