Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The war has begun

Here is a thought God laid on my heart last week in Israel that I wrote down to share with you today: I was in Galilee where Jesus called His disciples and where he lived. Nazareth is not far from Capernaum where I was staying. There is a Hebrew word bayit which means “house.” It has a wide range of meanings; it refers to a house, a temple, a family, a lineage. King David wanted to build a bayit for God.

The Lord declares to you, “The Lord himself will establish a bayit (house) for you.” The Apostle Paul talked about Jesus who would build God’s true house (bayit), which is the family of God (Ephesians 2:21). May God’s light shine in you, His house, today.

I have received a phone call from a top military source in Israel confirming that the war with Iran has already begun. The “accidental” explosions that have rocked Iran in recent days, one near the nuclear enrichment facility in Isfahan and another at a missile base, are the initial salvos in the war to stop Iran from gaining nuclear weapons. These beginning stages are being carried out by specially trained covert ops teams with high-tech equipment; full-on attacks with planes and missiles will follow. As you can see from the pictures below from the Iranian missile base, serious damage is being done to Iran’s military capability by these strikes.

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