Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Special Update In New York City

I was in New York City yesterday for an interview on Glenn Beck TV promoting the airing of the movie The Hiding Place with the wonderful story of Corrieten Boom and her family which is scheduled for this Friday morning. I can’t think of a better time for us to share this story with the world than right now when Israel is facing such grave threats.

A few months ago I had the opportunity to join Glenn at the “Restoring Courage” Rally in Israel which was broadcast on satellite literally around the globe. We had the chance to spend some time together and discuss the crisis facing Israel and the Jewish people. One of the things that made the biggest impression on him was the story of Corrie ten Boom.

He told me that he had been searching for a great summer read for his family that modeled courage, integrity, and honor…and he found it in The Hiding Place. Since I oversaw the restoration of the ten Boom clock shop in Holland and am Chairman of the Board of the Corrie ten Boom Foundation, I was delighted to be able to share this wonderful story with the world at his Restoring Courage Rally.

Now God has provided an amazing opportunity to share Corrie’s story with the world. This Friday, Glenn Beck TV (GBTV) is planning a global airing of the movie The Hiding Place instead of their regular programming.

But we want to make sure as many people as possible take part in this event. We are producing advertising to alert people of this opportunity. Your gift today will allow us to place ads in a variety of places online, including news sites like Fox News, and to encourage people to watch the movie and visit the website for the virtual tour of the ten Boom home and museum.

We need to raise $100,000 this week to purchase books, pay for the production of the ads, and run them as widely as possible. I believe God has presented us this opportunity for this moment in order to prepare for the coming war against Israel. Will you take your stand in the gap to defend God’s Chosen People with your gift today?

With your gift of any amount, we will send you a copy of Corrie ten Boom’s wonderful book The Hiding Place. This is a special edition of the book; you can’t get it anywhere else. This story will warm your heart and build your faith.

If you are able to send a gift of $50 or more, we will send you the book, as well as a copy of our special Corrie ten Boom notebook, which includes pages from Corrie’s own journal, as well as a DVD of the virtual tour of the ten Boom home and museum. Featuring much of the information found in our interactive online tour, this is a rare glimpse inside Corrie’s world.

Finally if you are able to give $500 or more, we will send you all of these gifts as well as a special commemorative clock. Honoring the ten Boom family’s heritage as clockmakers and designed especially for members of the Jerusalem Prayer Team, this clock will be a treasure you will cherish and a constant reminder to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the protection of God’s Chosen People.

Thank you so much for being part of the Jerusalem Prayer Team. Your support makes it possible for us to continue to build a worldwide prayer movement on behalf of the Jewish people and meet their urgent needs. We are completely supported by our members in this vital effort, and we are so grateful for your generosity and your love for Israel. God bless you.

Your ambassador to Jerusalem,

Dr. Michael Evans

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