Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jordan’s King Abdullah Warns Egypt On Verge Of Breaking Peace Treaty With Israel

Jordan’s King Abdullah sounded the alarm about an impending war between Egypt and Israel. In an interview with the Washington Post, Abdullah said there was “a very, very strong possibility” that Egypt would break the peace treaty and that in situations like this, “there is usually a war.” The blunt remarks highlighted the escalating tension across the Middle East.

The king noted that his country was the “last man standing” in maintaining a good relationship with Israel. But Jordan is not immune to the “Arab spring,” and protests against the government in Amman continue to boil. Objections to Jordan’s good relationship with Israel are at the heart of many of these protests against Abdullah. The Jordanian king said he was “very pessimistic” that the Israeli-Palestinian situation could be peacefully resolved. The threat is more serious than ever, and we must stand with the Jewish people right now.

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