Saturday, October 22, 2011

No US Tax to Hamas

Over a month ago, the new government of Egypt negotiated a unity pact between the Hamas and Fatah factions to join a "power sharing" agreement within the Palestinian Authority. Hamas is identified by the United States as a terrorist organization. They have not renounced their charter calling for the destruction of Israel. They have not stopped launching rocket and missile attacks against Jewish targets. Yet they are now officially part of the Palestinian government, and as a result, Hamas is receiving millions of dollars of our tax money.

Not only is the Obama Administration continuing to fund Hamas as part of the Palestinian Authority, but they are insisting that Israel negotiate with them to bring peace to the Middle East! This is folly-Hamas has no interest in peace. No concessions Israel can ever make will satisfy their anger and hatred.

In his speech to AIPAC in Washington, President Obama said he would continue to "demand that Hamas accept the basic responsibilities of peace, including: recognizing Israel's right to exist, rejecting violence, and adhering to all existing agreements." If we continue sending them millions of dollars, why would they change their evil ways? Of course they won't...and we are footing the bill. The Obama Administration is cursing Israel in our name by funding their terrorist enemies with our tax dollars. We must speak out against this great evil today

I'm asking you to not only sign the petition to President Obama, but also to forward the letter below to everyone in your address book. Post it on Facebook. Send it out by Twitter. Put it on your blog. Use every means at your disposal to get the word out. The more people who respond, the more powerful our combined voices will be urging President Obama to take action.

There is no time to waste. Israel is on the brink. Her enemies are poised to destroy her even as her friends desert her. Please sign the petition today and encourage your friends to join with us in this effort before it is too late. We must bless Jerusalem and the Chosen People. Thank you for taking part in this special effort.
Your Ambassador to Jerusalem,

Dr. Michael Evans

This is the Petition We'll Send


President Obama,

I'm writing today to urge you to immediately cut off all funding to the Palestinian Authority because much of that money will go to the Hamas terrorists that you said a few days ago "must accept the basic responsibilities of peace"....but they have not. The only way to force them to change their conduct and position is to get their attention. If we continue to fund them, they have no reason to change.

I appreciate your commitment to bringing peace to the Middle East. But supporting those who refuse to refute their vow to destroy Israel financially is no way to do that. The United States should never be supporting terrorists with our tax dollars. The only way to bring true peace is to insist on genuine and lasting change by those who oppose peace.

Unless Hamas either leaves the government or renounces their former stand against Israel, the Palestinian Authority should not receive one thin dime from us. I respectfully ask that you take this vital step right away. It is the only hope for the peace process to move forward. Israel cannot and will not negotiate with a "partner for peace" that is also committed to her destruction. I am praying that you will ensure that our country stands strong with and for our friend Israel. God bless you as you face the responsibilities of your office.

Sign the petition here or on Care2.

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