Thursday, May 12, 2011

Time Is Running Out To Save Jerusalem

by Dr. Michael D. Evans

Last September I was at the United Nations, confronting Iranian ministers and even the president of Iran face-to-face. I arranged an exclusive interview between Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Fox News Network to expose his extreme apocalyptic “twelver” beliefs to the world.

I have defended the nation of Israel for decades. My first experience was in 1988 when I confronted Yasser Arafat at the 43rd General Assembly of the United Nations in Geneva. This September, the Palestinian Authority will receive official recognition of statehood by the UN, if we sleep.

More than one hundred nations worldwide have already recognized a Palestinian state. Israeli leaders estimate that as many as two-thirds of the UN members will have recognized the Palestinian state before the UN convenes in September. Germany is on the cusp of recognizing Palestinian statehood now, as is France, and the entire European Union. They will succeed in cursing Israel if we are silent.

President Obama is preparing a peace plan that he will deliver in the city of Jerusalem on June 22 at a summit meeting which I will also attend. He is going to take his proposal to Israel to confront Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Mr. Netanyahu, with whom I plan to meet in Washington, DC on May 22, will speak to a joint session of the Congress on May 24 to take his plan to the House of Representatives and the Senate in an effort to counter the Obama strategy.

President Obama fully supports Jerusalem being divided and East Jerusalem, the birthplace of Christianity, becoming the official Islamic capital of a Palestinian state. The plan is for the UN to recognize statehood for the Palestinians the same way it did for Israel in 1948. 110 out of 192 countries have already recognize the Palestinian state with less than 126 days to go before the General Assembly.

I am asking you to stand up with me for Jerusalem before it is too late. I need your prayers. I need your financial support to buy air time to help mobilize millions of Americans to pray, stand up and speak out. If we allow our President to curse Jerusalem in our name, the resulting judgment of God will make 9/11 look like a Sunday school picnic. This is a battle that can only be won in the spiritual realm and I urge you to join me in fighting and winning this crucial battle today. Save Jerusalem!

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  1. what was the result of the summit you were planning with the other evangelical leaders and Prime Minister Netanyahu? I'm standing with you to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.